the voice of hydrogen and fuel cells in Australia
2014Australian Association for Hydrogen Energy

Welcome to the AAHE. The AAHE has been established to offer specific knowledge, expertise and dedication to the promotion of hydrogen as an energy carrier, and its associated technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells.

The Association is neither restricted to the commercial propagation of technology, nor to the commercial interests of its members. Our mission is to represent hydrogen science and technology in Australia by:

> Providing an open forum for transferring and sharing technologies as well as capabilities across the membership, industry and education organisations;
> Providing leadership and mentorship in hydrogen energy science for the Australian hydrogen energy community; > Supporting multidisciplinary networking events;
> Promoting opportunities for young members; and
> Enabling wider understanding of hydrogen technologies.

Our formal launch on 6th September 2010 in Sydney marked an important milestone in the development hydrogen and its technology in Australia. It follows many years of interest from researchers, industry and government stakeholders, including the recent Flagship Cluster of CSIRO the National Hydrogen Materials Alliance.

Building on recommendations of the National Hydrogen Study (2003) and the National Hydrogen Technology Roadmap (2008), we are seeking to both develop significant demonstrations and commercial ventures that build on the success of the Perth fuel cell bus trial, and more recent field trials of stationary fuel cell power plant.

I am pleased to announce that the AAHE, together with Business Events Sydney, won the bid to host the 2015 World Hydrogen Technologies Convention. This will be held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre and it provides a significant goal by which our association can be measured. Thank you for visiting our website, which I invite you to explore, I look forward to welcoming you to join our community and hope to see you at the next AAHE event.

Dr Andrew Dicks