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2014Australian Association for Hydrogen Energy
Launch of the AAHE, Sydney, 6 September, 2010

The official launch of the AAHE was held at the Sydney Conference and Exhibition Centre on 6th September 2010.  Present on this occasion were the Lord Mayor of Sydney, the Hon Clover Moore MP;  Geoff Serfass, President of the National Hydrogen Association in the USA; and Janice Larson, Director, Renewable Energy Development, BC Ministry of Energy, Canada. The guests were introduced by Dr Attilio Pigneri, Director, and Dr Andrew Dicks, President of the AAHE.   The following photos were taken of the people that attended the event.
AAHE_Launch_13 AAHE_Launch_6 AAHE_Launch_1 AAHE_Launch_2 AAHE_Launch_3 AAHE_Launch_22 AAHE_Launch_21 AAHE_Launch_11 AAHE_Launch_10 AAHE_Launch_8 AAHE_Launch_27 AAHE_Launch_12 AAHE_Launch_13 AAHE_Launch_14 AAHE_Launch_15 AAHE_Launch_24 AAHE_Launch_20 AAHE_Launch_19 AAHE_Launch_17 AAHE_Launch_16