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Dr. Attilio PIGNERI
Director, The Hydrogen Utility H2U (PRESIDENT)

Attilio Pigneri is a professional mechanical engineer from Italy with formal Masters and PhD education in the energy and environmental areas. Attilio has over 15 years of professional and academic experience in the broader energy area in Europe, California, China, Australia and New Zealand, and an extensive track record on consulting the energy industry on new energy technologies and the establishment of business units around new energy technology and services

As the Technical Director (Energy) of Talent With Energy a Sydney-based global strategic project management consultancy, Attilio leads the provision of a wide-range of technical and strategic advisory services to central and local government, regulatory agencies, energy companies and energy technology developers. An alumnus of the Sustainable Energy and Transportation Pathways (STEPS, formerly Hydrogen Pathways) program at University of California, Davis, Attilio is a qualified energy planner and a leading hydrogen-energy infrastructure analyst.

He has delivered groundbreaking infrastructure studies for wind-to-hydrogen infrastructures and hydrogen delivery infrastructures. He is a lead author of the study ‘A technology roadmap for Australia’s hydrogen delivery infrastructure(2009) and an expert contributor to the IEA-HIA tasks 24 (wind-energy and hydrogen integration) and 28 (large-scale hydrogen delivery and storage). In New Zealand, while a Director at the Centre for Energy Research at Massey University (2007-09). Attilio has managed the suite of postgraduate programmes in the renewable energy area (including PostGraduate Diplomas, Masters of Engineering/Technology and PhD) and the leading Australasian program of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in renewable energy, developed and maintained in collaboration with the Energy Research Institute of Murdoch University in Western Australia. Attilio has also served on the Management Committee of the New Zealand National Energy Research Institute (NERI, 2007-2009), the Board of the Bioenergy Association of New Zealand (2008-2010). Attilio was  chair of the organizing committee of the World Hydrogen Technologies Convention, held in Sydney in 2015.

Dr. Andrew DICKS
Consultant and Associate Professor, Griffith University  (Secretary)

Andrew Dicks holds a PhD in Industrial Chemistry, is a chartered chemist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He was formerly Principal Scientist with BG plc and Advantica Technologies in the UK, where he gained international recognition for his research in fuel cell systems. Moving to Australia in 2001, he continued his research interests at The University of Queensland and was Director of the CSIRO National Hydrogen Materials Alliance from 2006-2009. Andrew is currently Industry Advisor to LC Energy in Brisbane.

His publications include the standard textbook “Fuel Cell Systems Explained” co-authored with David Rand, over 50 peer-reviewed journal articles, several book chapters, and is named on 9 patents. He is on the editorial boards of the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy and the Journal of Power Sources. Andrew has played a leading role in organizing international conferences, being chairman of the World Hydrogen Energy Conference held in Brisbane in 2008.

Andrew is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Energy, he is called upon to provide due diligence and advice for research providers, government agencies, and corporate investors, and was on the International Review Panel for the review of UK Energy Research 2010.

Dr. Rob Dickinson

Prof. Craig Buckley

Dr. Jamie ALLY

Originally from Canada, Jamie came to Perth as one of the lead engineers on Perth's hydrogen fuel cell bus project. Following the successful completion of that project, Jamie co-founded HAC, a firm specialising in the engineering and commercial development of cleantech projects across Australia. HAC quickly expanded from its Perth offices, establishing offices in Melbourne and Kalgoorlie. In 2011 HAC was acquired by EMC Limited.

Jamie holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics). He is a Chartered Engineer and NPER in Australia. He is a registered professional engineer in Canada, and a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEG BC). He is pursuing a PhD part-time at Murdoch University, and he is a Director of the Australian Association for Hydrogen Energy.

Jamie has delivered many lectures and seminars on energy technologies. He has published articles in the Journal of Power Sources and the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, and he is a peer-reviewer for the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy and other energy-related journals.